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Topographies of literature review paper writing service


Intensive literature hunt

We will find and narrow down the recent years research papers from reputed journals like IEEE, Springer, Elsevier, SCI, Scopus and more related to the study taken.

Critical Assessment

Before starting to develop the literature review paper, our experts will study and critically asses the literature existing in the research area.

Systematized References

We will be providing all the references which were been considered for developing the literature review paper. The idea of sharing the papers is that you will come to know what kind of reference papers we have considered for the study and on what basis the literature has been organized.

Organized Method

We always adapt a systematic way of approach in selecting the reference papers and further develop it as a perfect literature paper.

Structure of a PhD literature paper

  • Abstract

  • Keywords

  • Introduction

  • Body of paper (Detailed literature review along with the comparative study)

  • Conclusion

  • Future scope of the work

  • References

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