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Research Gap Identification

Identification of Research Gap:


Finding the research gap is the initial step which needs to be conducted in a research study. It is also the most crucial part in every PhD research work as only if the gap is identified the objectives of the research can be framed out. But the question is how to find a research gap for a PhD and in what way it helps the researcher.

What is a research gap and how to find it?

A research gap is a question or a problem that has not been answered by any of the existing studies or research within your research field. Sometimes, a research gap exists when there is a concept or new idea that hasn't been studied at all. A research problem helps the researcher to understand the research procedure in a better manner.


Our experts help you in finding the exact research gap and will provide an overview where the research is inadequate or unknown, will further aim to accomplish the problem gaps. We will also provide you all the papers which were considered while identifying the research gap. If you are looking for such assistance then PATN Research is a right place where you have landed. The pricing are also marginal when compared to our other services.

Finding of Research Gap
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