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PhD  Simulation/Implementation 

We guide and support PhD scholars/researchers who struggle to develop or simulate their implementation work or the research aspirants who wants to develop a new idea and further bring high novelty to their research work. If you are looking for such support, then PATN Research is a right place to work with.

Areas supported for implementation works

Our technical experts and developers have guided and worked with many PhD implementation projects in the areas of image processing, Wireless Sensor Networks, Antenna Design, VLSI, Power systems, Embedded Systems, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, Mechanical Engineering, Structural Engineering and more.

Technical Team

We hold a big team of 50+ experienced software developers in various branches of engineering who can very well help the PhD scholars/research candidates with their project works.  We adopt a systematic way of approach in outlining the plan of implementation initially and upon the scholar’s approval, we will start working on the project. We will keep you updated regularly on the growth of the project, which will help the scholar to update the status of respective project to their supervisor or guide.  Once the projects get completed, we will provide the full coding along with the explanation part wherein once can understand easily the concept taken, novelty of the research work, research methodology involved in the work. In addition to this, our subject matter experts will also help during the viva voice related to the developed implementation project.

Tools supporred for implementation work:

  • PhD Implementation using MATLAB

  • PhD Implementation using Matlab-Simulinx

  • PhD Implementation using NS2

  • PhD Implementation on NS3

  • PhD Implementation using Python

  • PhD Implementation using JAVA

  • PhD Implementation using Cloudsim

  • PhD Implementation using Hadoop

  • PhD Implementation using CST/HFSS

  • PhD Implementation using Ansys

Accomplishing the requirements:

The works will be delivered on time as per the research scholars expectation. In case of any corrrections/feedback received from the guide, we will help you in rectification of the same.

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