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What's the difference between a research article and a review article-The hidden secrets?


Are you getting more confused on what is review article and research article and what are their major differences? Here we have provided a clear idea to make you feel understand in a better way. Let’s see each one of the them more in detail.

What is a research article?

The research articles, occasionally termed to as primary sources or empirical paper which rely on original research report. They consist of the sections namely abstract, introduction, literature review, research methodology, results & discussion and conclusion. Primary or Empirical research studies report original research, highlighting the diverse steps involved in the research process.

The structure of an empirical paper is explained in detail as under:

  • Abstract: The abstract is the first and foremost section of the empirical paper and the content should be well written in a precise manner. The following key points are important for abstract formulation

    1. It delivers a description of the research problem being examined

    2. includes the contributors and relevant characteristics of those contributors

    3. defines the research methodology of the study

    4. précises the basic findings of the research study

    5. contains the implications or applications and conclusions of the research study's findings.

  • Introduction: Traces the way the research problem that is being studied has developed and provides the determination for the examination.

  • Research Methodology: Specifies how the examination was conducted; what measures were used.

  • Results: intelligences the findings and analyses of the research study

  • Discussion: summarizes, infers and discusses the implications of the examination results

  • Conclusion: Concludes the research study and its outcomes in a precise manner.

What is a review article?

The review article is also sometimes called as survey article or literature reviews or secondary sources, synthesize or analyze research previously conducted in primary sources. The review articles usually summarize the current state of research on a given research topic.

The review articles critically evaluate the previously published research articles. The organization, combination of the previously published material, and evaluation of this material provide an understanding of the progress of research in clarifying a research problem. The Literature reviews provides the following key points:

  • gives a clear definition and explanation of the research problem

  • provides a summary of earlier research to inform the reader of what the research status is

  • identifies relationships, contradictions, problem gaps and discrepancies in the material

  • makes suggestions in the upcoming step to solve the problem.

The structure of a review paper is detailed as under:

  • Abstract: Notifies about the main objectives and result of each review article taken for development

  • Introduction: Provides information about the background, specifies the motivation for the review, describes the focus, the research question and describes the text structure.

  • Detailed literature survey and frame a Comparative table: In this section, we need to summarize each referred article in terms of author(s) name, year of publication, findings of the particular research article, advantages and limitations of the study

  • Conclusion

  • Future scope of the work (if applicable)

Below table gives you a clear understanding of the major difference between a review and a research article.

Difference between a research and a review article

Hope this article is useful for the research aspirants and the scholars who are planning to publish their articles in journal


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