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You will never thought that knowing UGC care list journals could be so beneficial!

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

Hi everyone,

Are you searching how the UGC CARE is going to benefit all? Here’s the secret below:

The researcher’s performance and productivity are largely judged based on the number of journal article publications as well as where they appear. Now the greater changeling task for the researcher is to identify a quality and reliable journal to publish their valuable research work. In recent days there are plenty of journals into existence in which only some are found to be reputed (original) and rest of all other are either predatory/sub-standard/dubious journals. So there requires a need to maintain a standard quality in research and also to find a proper way to combat the publishing trend of predatory/sub-standard journals which charges high publication fee from the authors and make all the articles open access.

The University Grants Commission of India is a statutory body which is set up by the Government of India in accordance to the UGC Act 1956 under Ministry of Education. The main objective of UGC is to for the coordinate, determine and maintain the standards of teaching, examination and research. To enhance the quality of research and to minimize plagiarized or false researchers, the UGC printed a list of approved journals. Initially, it was believed that this approved list will be greater and useful platform for the research scholars to publish their valuable works at free of cost. However, many journal publishers have projected their journal to be indexed under this UGC approved list by attaching a proof of a false screenshot in their respective journal web page. Henceforth, the innocent researchers pay the publication fee to that particular journal and therefore spoil their own research works unknowingly.

To overcome this, UGC has announced a public notice “Consortium for Academic and Research Ethics” (CARE) for creation and maintenance of “Reference List of Quality Journals by 28th of November, 2018. The members of this CARE committee are Statutory Councils/ Government bodies’ /Academies/ and others would be from the association of Indian academic Universities. Currently, the UGC approved list of journals has replaced by UGC care with effect from 14.06.2019 to maintain the standard and high quality in Indian academia.

Why UGC-CARE is treated as a mandate?

Below mentioned points highlights the reasons for the quality mandate:

i. To encourage quality research, academic righteousness and publication standard in Indian universities.

ii. To promote high quality publications in reputed journals that would help in achieving higher global rank.

iii. To evolve a good way of approach and methodology for finding of reliable quality journal.

iv. To prohibit publications of manuscripts in predatory/ dubious journals/, which reflect inimically and defames the image of Indian scholastic world and henceforth leads to long lasting damage to academic research.

v. To generate and maintain a “UGC-CARE List of Quality Journals” for all scholarly purposes.

vi. To enhance the quality mandate of UGC which stresses the significance of encouraging quality research by the scholarly members and also to create credible research.

UGC-CARE List- Necessity

i. The credibility of research publications is utterly significant as it indicates the academic image of not just an individual, however the university/college and the complete nation.

ii. The numbers of research articles that are published in reputed journals are the globally accepted ones which are further documented for numerous academic purposes such as for the completion and award of PhD degree, promotions of faculty/staff members, membership of academic committees and etc.,

iii. The dispute of predatory/ sub-standard/ dubious journals has become a cause of sombre concern all over the terrain.

iv. The proportion of articles published in non-reputed or poor-quality journals is found to be high in India, which has unfavourably affected its image.

v. The research publication in any of the dubious /sub-standard/predatory journals reflects with long-term damage not only to an individual nevertheless also to the complete country.

Scope for UGC CARE List:

The UGC-CARE have taken in charge for developing “UGC-CARE Reference List of Quality Journals” (UGC-CARE List) for the research aspirants. Earlier there were four groups existing which are Group A, B, C and D and currently UGC Care have segregated all the journals together and have formed only two categories which are Group I and II.

Group-wise info on UGC CARE List Journals

Below diagram illustrates the different groups of journals listed under UGC Care.

Types of UGC Care List Journals

UGC Care List-Group I Category:

The Group I category consists of journals from all disciplines that are indexed in Scopus or Web of Science (Arts and Humanities Citation Index Source Publication, Social Science Citation Index Source Publication, Science Citation Index Expanded Source Publication).

UGC Care List-Group II Category:

The group II category will include all the “UGC Approved List of Journals” which are qualified as per the analysis protocols.

Want to know how to use or reach UGC-CARE List? Here the procedure

Any individual wants to get more information about the Quality referred list of journals must follow-up the below fundamental steps.

Step 1: Firstly, visit the UGC-CARE official website i.e.,

Step 2: You will find a login button and click on it.

Step 3: Now register oneself to get logged in. Then, submit your name, address, email id and mobile number carefully and remember the same for future process as well.

Step 4: In the very next step, you will have to create a password and it is recommended not to share this with anyone.

Step 5: Now, login by using your credentials i.e., your username and password.

Step 6: You are almost done to get the information on Group I and Group II journals.

Step 7: You can now search the journals by providing any of the options like Title/International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) number, Publisher, Subject and Language of publication.

List of journals indexed under UGC-CARE List-Group I

The Group I list includes both Indian as well as Global journals from all disciplines such as Arts and Humanities, Web of Science, Scopus List. This list will be updated every quarterly of the year. There are totally 14449 and 39111 Journals in Scopus list and Web of Science respectively, however all these journals are recognized as a part of UGC-CARE List. If any one of you want to get more information about all these mentioned journals, then the below shared direct link will guide you to get all type of research journals under each discipline.

Web of Science


List of journals indexed under UGC-CARE List-Group II

These Group-II journals consists of all universally accepted databases such as Web of Science, Scopus, etc.,

Below is the direct link for accessing the web of science journals

I believe this post would be useful and beneficial for all. In case of any queries, please feel free to reach me.

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